Dancing Bones Cover

Mistress of the Dancing Bones

A Terror plagues Avenesse. Lead by the outlaw Dualo, renegade nests of vampires murder Avenesse’s mortals and nephilim alike. With the help of the ancient gunslinging witch hunter Etienne Dusang and the talking demon horse Uisthre, Ashia unravels the Terror’s secrets. She must also endure Dusang’s companion, the mischievous and deadly feline changeling Tamalandrea.

When the mortals of Avenesse were faced with extinction by the monstrous undead legions of the Deathlands, they were desperate for salvation. Vampire clans answered with a horrific bargain, offering protection in exchange for mortal blood. Facing the choice of slavery or annihilation, many mortals submitted to their vampiric masters. Hundreds of years later, the vampiric noblesse call themselves nephilim and zealously guard their mortal subjects’ precious unlife-giving blood. To the nephilim blood is currency, vampirism is political power, and renegade vampires must be destroyed.

Ashia Boucher is the halfbreed mortal daughter of the nephilim marquis charged with protecting the frontier province of Rataan’s easternmost border. Her father shields Ashia from the Empire’s harsh realities and turns a blind eye to her willful curiosity and exploration of forbidden blood necromancy. Once Ashia escapes the prison of her father’s protection, she must develop her unique necromantic abilities or die to her family’s many enemies.

Vampire-ruled Avenesse holds many dangers for a mortal like Ashia besides blood-hungry renegade vampires. Lurking in its dark corners are the mindless dead, corpse eaters, clouds of sentient life-devouring energy, moldering creatures that can walk through walls, and all the horrors the Deathlands can unleash.

Will Ashia survive the bloody battle required to destroy Dualo’s vampiric nest and will she and the cat changeling Tama kill each other or become friends?


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