Introducing dio

What exactly is dio (lowercase)?

Well its a visually enhanced and web empowered text adventure designer for things like Zork or Colossal Cave.

Its also a multimedia platform that lets you turn  your image, audio and video file folders into an experience.

And it provides advertisers a way to make commercials more interactive, user friendly and fun.

Its an “explorable space” that’s half web design and half social network.

And dio monetizes all the junk you have sitting on your computer!

Forbes is interested.



dio is a new tool/game/webdesigner/explorable space created by Linden Lab, the people who brought you Second Life. At its most basic it lets you create games like zork and colossal cave, just with pictures, videos, audio, and a lot more bells and whistles. They envision this going far beyond that though. They imagine advertisements for say, a hotel or museum, or what have you, where you can go in, look at each room and interact with them in various ways. There are a lot of potential applications for artists or creatives of all types to get their create on with dio and share in a new interactive way. I could see an artist or photographer making some kind of interactive fun game around their photogallery.

I’m already thinking of designing a mini game allowing someone to take a tour of some of the settings and characters in my book series, but I can think of a lot more intriguing ideas for it. The best part is that Linden Lab is very good at monetizing and investing their creator partners in the process. They are trying to build in ways that dio creators can earn linden dollars through activity within their creations, and there’s already a ‘linden stock exchange’ where you can sell your linden dollars for real world dollars. I used to support myself exclusively through the sale of my lindens to the tune of $3000 a month or so. Not too shabby for pixels, 1’s and 0’s. As Linden Lab adds more games and explorable spaces, they will probably start expanding how you can earn linden dollars and what you can do with them, which is interesting. You could earn dollars in dio and spend them in Second Life, or vice versa.


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