The Artist’s Way – Morning Pages

juliacameronI’ve become involved with a wonderful local writer’s group called Sno Valley Writes, lead more or less by Casondra Brewster, a great writer and leader of the group. The group has been amazingly helpful for a lot of reasons. Its introduced me to inspiring local authors like Victoria Bastedo, Sheri J Kennedy and Takako Wright who have all helped me tremendously and given me amazingly insightful feedback on Dancing Bones, and being a better writer in general. Thank you so much guys!

One of the exercises Caz wants us to do in Sno Valley Writes is follow Julia Cameron‘s “The Artist’s Way“.

From what I gather, the Artist’s Way is a spiritual journey to rekindling the artist within all of us, and a good tool to keep your creative juices flowing. There are some basic techniques I’ll explore in some posts, but the first and most basic is called Morning Pages. Google that and you’ll get a ton of hits from famous and up and coming writers. I never knew how popular this Artist’s Way really was! I’m excited about following this path especially knowing it has a significant spiritual aspect.

So what are Morning Pages and what are they for? I’ll let Julia Cameron explain it herself.

7-Rules-for-Writing-Morning-Pages-300x300 Or let Caz explain it:
Morning pages: three hand-written, stream-of-consciousness pages you write every morning as soon as you wake up (before you do anything else). Write them in a notebook or journal so you can have them all in one place (currently, I have two completed Morning Page journals sitting on my bookshelf). I set my alarm :15 early to do this. My handwriting is not pretty; but, it clears the mind and is like a writing meditation. I can’t recommend this practice enough.

I’m starting morning pages up today and we’ll see how it goes! I’ll chase those dust bunnies out of my mind!


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