Publishing’s Shifting Sands

ibex-dunes-smThe amazing Kris Rusch has been a writer, publisher, bookstore owner and distributor, so she understands the publishing industry at nearly every level. She puts that knowledge to good use in a post dealing with the seismic shifts in the publishing industry. For a variety of reasons (read the article!) the roadblocks between indie publishers and bookstores are falling away, and they are embracing the advantages of the Print on Demand model. What does this mean for indie publishers like me? I’ll let Kris tell you:

It is now not only possible, but likely that an indie book with good word-of-mouth will sell as well or better than a book with the same word of mouth published by traditional publishers. Why? Because indie books won’t go out of print quickly. They don’t have limited press runs (see Dean’s post from last week), and they don’t have useless stock sitting in warehouses.

Indie writers, indie books, indie publishers now have the same access to bookstores that traditional publishers do.

The playing field has just leveled.

Read the entire thing. The times are really changing and the opportunity for motivated indie publishers is growing every day.