Review Roundup

First a few updates. I’ve been silent for a little while working feverishly on a few things. I’ve revised Mistress of the Dancing Bones and I’ve completed the rough draft of its sequel, Mistress of the Midnight Sky. In the meantime, Dancing Bones has picked up a few pleasant reviews here and there, and I’d like to share them with you.

First up, blogger, educator and fellow Human Wave enthusiast Stephanie A Souders reviewed the book as part of her series on Human Wave authors. She’s tough but fair, a sort of sci fi fantasy Simon Cowell, so I was quite nervous to read it. All in all I think it’s a very positive review.

Alexander’s premise is uncomfortable — but in a good way. Essentially, several centuries before the start of Mistress, the human race entered into a compact with vampires who dub themselves the nephilim: military defense against the monstrous creatures who walk the Deathlands in exchange for mortal blood. As revealed in Mistress, the society that grew from this compact is quite exploitative if seen from mortal eyes. Leaving aside the worst of the nephilim aristocracy – who treat the humans in their midst as either sexual playthings or cattle – even the main character’s father must accept human sacrifices to feed his hungry forces. It’s a cruel universe — but also a fascinating one worth exploring.

Read the full review here. Next, fantasy author Sheri J Kennedy gave a very gracious and generous review.

From the instant I began reading, Ashia, our heroine was captivating and her situation compelling. Her intensity and that of her world grew throughout the story keeping me engaged. I was rooted to the page withstanding disgust, terror and horror to see her stand strong. Alexander is masterful in the integration of the intricately built fantasy world with this powerful coming of age story. Magic is in her blood and the politics of her world are her inheritance—she must come to terms with them to know herself, and she embraces them fully in an unexpected and oddly triumphant way. At first I wished the novel carried more inner dialogue so I could know the character’s better. But when I was done reading, I found I missed them and had come to know them well, especially the unquenchable Ashia. I’m so glad the next in the series will be coming soon!

Thank you Sheri and Stephanie for your reviews!