In Praise of Smaller Conventions

Damsel in this Dress is going to be in Seattle!” my wife exclaimed.

A week later, we attended the Seattle Mythic Worlds convention with no knowledge of the attendees or events other than the wonderful woman from Salt Lake City who makes the corsets would be there, and the one day pass was reasonably priced.

Mythic Worlds was definitely smaller and more intimate than the mega-cons I’ve been attending recently, like Emerald City Comic Con. ECCC in particular is so packed that I liken attending to being squeezed through a toothpaste tube. By comparison, Mythic Worlds was a joy to attend. My wife and I spent a fair amount of time in the Damsel booth browsing for new corsetry and getting personal attention from Michelle and the others in the booth. It was something that would have been impossible or at the very least very difficult at larger conventions.



We browsed through what the rest of the convention had to offer and found a lot of cosplay gear and tchotchkes in the booths, and some great writing guest speakers. The pricing was astounding… this stuff was priced to move! The people were friendly, the crowd was manageable enough that I never felt hemmed in or that I should rush so that I made space for the people behind me. It was one of the most positive and welcoming convention experiences I’ve ever had. Besides Damsel, we made some great new connections with Fae Built Inc, Elysian Pearl, Harry Caldwell IV, Faerie Crowns, and a lot of others!

As an attendee, the experience was so positive it makes me question whether I want to attend the big cons anymore, unless I’m going as a vendor. I’ll be keeping my eye open for more small cons in the future.