I was born in the west Texas town of El Paso and now live in beautiful Seattle, Washington. Fantasy and science fiction have been lifelong passions of mine and writing is less a want than a need to release the stories that bubble up out of my subconscious. When I’m not writing I work in marketing and graphic design and operate a virtual store in Second Life – an online, 3D virtual-reality platform.

My escape has always been sci fi and fantasy, whether that be novels, tv and movies, anime/manga, or gaming (with a special focus on tabletop, rpg titles and especially mmogs). I am a veteran of the US Navy and was a ‘nuke’ in the Nuclear Power Program, trained to run nuclear reactors on aircraft carriers – as close as it is possible to get to being Scotty or Geordi.

My first novel, “Mistress of the Dancing Bones” was released in July, 2013 and is available now on amazon and at bookstores near you. The sequel, “Mistress of the Midnight Sky” is coming soon.

For day to day updates and information, follow me on facebook or google+.



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